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IEEC Istomino


International Ecological Educational Centre (IEEC) “Istomino” is owned and run by the Baikal Institute of Nature Management of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Russia. It was established in 2001 in the village of Istomino on the shore of Lake Baikal, in the Selenga River Delta at the initiative of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The centre is a place for scientific cooperation of Russian and foreign organizations.

Address of IEEC: Shkolnaya str., village Istomino, Kabansky district, Republic of Buryatia, 671203, Russia.

Contact person: Deputy Director for general issues, Anton Petrovich Buralov (tel.: (3012) 434115; E-mail: info@binm.ru, buralov@binm.ru).

Contact address (BINM SB RAS): 670047, Russia Ulan-Ude, ul. Sakhyanovoy, dom 8, tel. (3012) 434115, fax (3012) 434753; E-mail: info@binm.ru


IEEC Location and Social and living Conditions

Address of the IEEC: Shkolnaya str. 12 a building, village Istomino, Kabansky district, Republic of Buryatia, 671203, Russia. Tel.:8(30138-91092)

Cartographic scheme:

Occupied land area of the station - 7524 sq.m.

Transport communications (trafficability) for foreigners:

  1. Air traffic:
    • The flight "Moscow - Ulan-Ude" is performed daily (flight duration - 6 hours, flight 115)
    • The flight "Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude" is performed on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, (flight duration – 50 minutes, flight 171)
    • The flight "Chita - Ulan-Ude" is performed on Wednesday, Sunday.
  2. Bus and road service: Ulan-Ude - Istomino - 145 km.
  3. Road service: Irkutsk - Istomino - 350 km.
  4. Railway service, East-Siberian Railway Stations: Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Selenga and Timlyuy.



  • comfortable two-story brick building of 615 square meters (7 twin rooms and 2 rooms with eight beds);
  • conference hall for 45 people equipped with modern communication facilities, office equipment and library;
  • satellite TV;
  • dining room for 50 people;
  • hydro-chemical laboratory, mobile laboratories;
  • outdoor kitchen for 40 people;
  • sauna, outside shower;
  • a warm garage for 6 cars;
  • storage facilities for equipment;
  • automatic meteorological station;
  • mobile power stations, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biogas);
  • motor pool of 3 cars;
  • motor boats (4 pieces);
  • greenhouse;
  • an experimental farm for the production of ecologically pure food products, for development of agro-tourism and renewable energy sources.


(See scientific activities of the IEEC “Istomino”)

IEEC "Istomino" unites the efforts of Russian and foreign scientists aimed at the study of unique ecological system of Lake Baikal and its watershed, and it also provides environmental education and education of the population of the Baikal region. Permanent staff: 5 people.

670047 Республика Бурятия, г. Улан-Удэ, ул. Сахьяновой, 6
телефон: (3012)433676, 433380, Факс: (3012), 434259, 434753