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Яндекс цитирования


Tulorhonov Arnold Kirillovich


Tulokhonov Arnold K., born in 1949, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of geographical sciences, professor, laureate of the Lenin Komsomol, Honored Worker of Science, an expert in geomorphology and palaeogeography, environmental management, the author of 150 scientific papers, including 6 monographs, 7 maps, co-author of 202 scientific works including 37 monographs. Over the past five years he has published 13 monographs and 76 scientific papers, of which 24 scientific papers and two monographs - author.

The main areas of research are geography, geo-ecology and environmental management, development of mechanisms of the balanced environmental and economic development of the territories with a special regime of use of natural resources.

On the basis of the established by Tulokhonov Arnold K. remote monitoring of natural and anthropogenic objects and processes, the unique bank of historical and archival, and cartographic data of the Baikal region suggested the concepts of landscape - adaptation nature management and program of action to combat desertification for sub arid and arid regions of the Central Asia. The estimation of the Geosystem transformation as a result of economic activities and climatic variations, taking into account the different character of nature management are assessed, theoretical and methodological approaches to the ecological – economic assessment of the environment transformation consequences are developed.

On the basis of scientific assessment of the structural and functional organization of the landscape of transboundary and frontier territories it has identified features of nature management, the degree of transformation of natural complexes, changes in nature management structure of the frontier regions of Russia and aimaks of Mongolia, has offered new tools and mechanisms for transboundary interactions, demonstrated the strategic role of the Baikal region in the current geopolitical conditions.

Tulokhonov Arnold. K. first identified the special role of river deltas as indicators of the hydrological regime and neotectonic regime of the largest planetary river systems. On the example of the Selenga River founded the regularities of formation of natural barriers in the delta ecosystems.

Under the leadership of Tulokhonov Arnold K. in the last 5 years has been further development of researches in the field of political geography of the Asian Russia. The economic assessment of natural resource depletion through the rental assessment taking into account economic, ecological and nature protection functions of the components of the environment. The necessity of externalities in the cost of additional environmental costs in a special mode of action of natural resources is substantiated.

Tulokhonov Arnold K. was one of the scientific leaders of the expeditions of deep-sea submersibles "Mir" on Lake Baikal, during which he mapped the first four levels of terraces formed during the quaternary glacial melting in the mountains of the Baikal region.


Tulokhonov Arnold K. suggested the systemic approaches to the elaboration and environmental inspection of the major economic projects related to the development of natural resources in Siberia, implemented in a number of nature protection directives of the federal and regional levels.

Tulokhonov Arnold K. is the project leader for grants of RFBR, RHF, TACIS, UNEP, GEF, collaborative researches with institutes of Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria, he was elected an honorary professor at the Institute of Geography of Natural Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was awarded the Order of the Polar star of Mongolia.

Tulokhonov Arnold K. actively involved in scientific training: teaching at the Buryat and the Chita State Universities, has created a scientific school, which is among the top schools in the country received a grant from the Russian President; he developed and implemented a multi-level system of continuous ecological education. Among his pupils are 4 doctors and 12 candidates.

Tulokhonov Arnold K. has experience in the scientific and organizational work: since 1991 - Director of the BINM SB RAS, the head of the international ecological - educational multi-purposes center "Istomino," the chairman of the Joint Doctoral Dissertation Council of the BINM SB RAS and the Buryat State University, a member of the Doctoral Dissertation Council at IG SB RAS, of the Russian governmental Commission of the RF on Baikal, of the Scientific Council of the Russian Geographical Society, of the Scientific Council on the fundamental problems at the International Association of Academies of Science, of the editorial board of the several journals.

Tulokhonov Arnold K. is a member of the People's Khural of the Republic of Buryatia, the founder of the Junior Academy of Science, more than 30 years working in the Republic of Buryatia; on his initiative created and published a popular science journal "World of Baikal."

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